Community Involvement

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The Living Vine

We accept, that as a Christian ministry to single mothers, we are charged with the assignment to lead these women to Christ, and to disciple them so they become sound followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

His Love Ministries

We care deeply about the outcasts and shut-ins. We understand much pain and loneliness comes with society’s neglect or stigmatization. It is our desire to bring a message of hope to those that the society has ignored—those the world has forgotten. We want to love these people as Jesus loves them, and that means giving them the message that he himself preached: there is forgiveness of sins for those who repent.

Community Bible Church

Our core values are specific areas that we seek to help equip the members of CBC in as they pursue and follow Christ. We call them our S.P.E.C.S. — Scripture, Prayer, Engaging the Culture, Community, and Stewardship.